Cgbookcase is a website where the PBR textures come with all map types needed to create photorealistic materials and it’s 100% free with no restrictions. Cgbookcase was created by Dorian Zgraggen.

Website: cgbookcase.com



Free PBR is a website where you can download PBR materials and texture files for Free.  The Physically-Based Rendering materials offer the metalness, roughness, metallic, and smoothness workflows.  These 2K texture maps can be used in Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender and many other 3D, Game Design, and CAD solutions. The texture Sets are over 400 and still counting.

Website: freepbr.com



Poly Haven is a curated public asset library for visual effects artists and game designers, providing valuable high-quality 3D assets in an easily obtainable manner. There are no paywalls, accounts, or email forms required, download an asset and use it without worry. All assets here are CC0, which means they’re practically free of copyright and you may use them for absolutely any purpose.

Website: polyhaven.com



In Ambientcg Every material can be downloaded instantly and without any registration or restriction. The materials come in resolutions of up to 8K (or even bigger in some exceptional cases) and many of them even come with SBSAR files so that you can adjust their parameters using the Substance Player.

Website: ambientcg.com



In Share Textures, You don’t need to register or pay, just select an asset and click the download button. You can be able to download the textures up to 4K resolution. All content on the platform is copyright-free (CC0). It means you can use them anywhere you want which includes commercial projects too.

Website: sharetextures.com



In 3dtextures you can download Free seamless PBR textures with Diffuse, Normal, Displacement, Occlusion, Specularity and Roughness Maps without signing up.

Website: 3dtextures.me



Game textures is a platform for downloading premium and free PBR materials for your 3D projects. Though they only have few free PBR materials which you can view by clicking the link above. But it you need to register to download the free PBR materials.

Website: gametextures.com/freebies



CGAxis is one of the largest stores offering photo-realistic 3D models and textures to create 3D visualization, games, animation, movies and many other things, which is used 3D technology on the web. Sign up is required to access the free PBR materials.

Website: cgaxis.com/free



The purpose of TextureCan is to boost the 3D development of the world. In order to allow 3D artists or CG developers to quickly and easily get the required texture, TextureCan was born to act as a texture hub and library. TextureCan never compromises on quality though all textures are free.

Website: texturecan.com


10. LotPixel

Lotpixel is a firm focused on science and technology, following innovation and working to be the best in its field. Their aim is to follow the constantly evolving technology and to ensure its development with realistic content. They sell products like Textures, 3D Models, Asset Pack, and Decal made by 3D artists, CGI artists, and game makers and continue to provide the same service to the architectural sector. Among all their premium assets, they still have free libraries for textures, 3d models, etc.

Website: lotpixel.com/texture-library?credit=free



GPUOpen is a middleware software suite originally developed by AMD‘s Radeon Technologies Group that offers advanced visual effects for computer games. GPUOPEN also has a library of 100+ free PBR materials you can use for your render engine. You can access the library by clicking on the link above. But not this, you need to create an account in other to download any textures.

Website: matlib.gpuopen.com/main/materials/all